Customisable workflows, to do lists and shared diary

Designed with direct input from conveyancers, we are confident that we are offering the best conveyancing case management system available.

Case management

  • Keep everyone updated from one screen

    The Progress screen acts as the hub of each of your cases, displaying every completed and outstanding task in one convenient place. Check off tasks as they are completed to keep your clients and agents seamlessly updated via online tracking and SMS/email updates, and to keep all members of your team informed as to the status of each case.
  • Add your personal touch

    Every firm works a little differently. That's why ConveyanceLink gives you the ability to create your own bespoke progress lists that mirror your processes, which make them easier for your staff to follow, and offer that personal touch to your clients and agents viewing them online. Standard progress lists are built in to get you started, but you are free to tailor these to your needs, or create your own lists from scratch.
  • Work smarter

    Each progress list can contain as many tasks and categories you want, in the order in which you want them. Best of all, you can easily configure key tasks to automatically launch related documents, send SMS and email updates to your clients, or prompt you to create diary reminders to follow up later.
  • Easily keep track of all your cases

    Use the To Do list to get an instant snapshot of outstanding tasks across all of your cases. Filter the list by date and fee earner to get quick, valuable management information.

Time management

  • Keep one shared diary

    The powerful built in Diary provides you and your team with all the functionality you need to manage your time effectively. Keep track of meetings, appointments, conveyancing and non-conveyancing activities from one shared calendar, and set reminders for important events that need your attention.
  • Take control of your time and money

    ConveyanceLink's Time Recorder silently and automatically records how long has been spent on each file by each individual user. Users can be allocated a 'cost per hour' which the system uses to calculate how much it has cost the firm to work on a particular case. A time/cost report can be generated at a click of a button to help you stay in control of your time and money.