SDLTs, ID verification, EPCs, searches and title insurance

E-conveyancing is the future of conveyancing. E-conveyancing has proven to speed up transaction times and improve the customer's experience by providing a more transparent process for all parties concerned.

ConveyanceLink utilises the latest technology to provide you with all the tools you need to fully embrace e-conveyancing in your practice.

SDLT e-submission

  • Complete SDLT returns in no time

    ConveyanceLink's SDLT module enables you to complete SDLT forms 1, 2, 3, and 4 and submit them electronically to HMRC. ConveyanceLink pre-populates many of the required fields, then you can fill in the rest easily by working through the intuitive screens designed to look like the paper forms.
  • Save time with automatic form validation

    Filling in the forms is easy. You can edit, save and come back to the forms as often as you need, then when you're ready, you can submit the forms in a couple of clicks. The built in validation system ensures that a form cannot be submitted unless it is 100% valid, which means no more returned forms due to illegible handwriting or miskeyed information.
  • Submit online and get results in seconds

    Submitting your completed form is simple, and once submitted, your SDLT 5 will be returned within seconds, providing you with the UTRN needed for payment of the Stamp Duty. All of the forms can also be created in PDF format at the click of a button.

Integrated online solutions

Our suite of products and services combine to provide you with everything you need for your cases.

  • Request searches online

    Save time by ordering searches via ConveyanceLink. One click of the Searches button and ConveyanceLink automatically logs you into your search account and fills in your client and property details, leaving you to simply choose which searches you require.
  • Verify your client's identity in seconds

    Protect yourself and your practice from the growing threat of fraud and ensure you are compliant with the latest AML regulations. is available via ConveyanceLink or as a stand alone solution. For more information, visit
  • Order residential and commercial EPCs online

    The latest Housing Bill requires any property put up for sale or a new lease to have an EPC. Redbrick EPCs enables you to order EPCs for your residential lettings or commercial properties with no fuss. For more information, visit
  • Get comprehensive title insurance in a flash

    Protect your clients from defective title using ConveyanceLink and First Title. A quick click of your mouse and ConveyanceLink logs you in and fills in your client and property details. All you need to do is select the policy you require, download the policy documents, and your client is covered.