Automated documents, emails, billing and SMS updates

Providing excellent client care will be at the heart of your service, as after all, a happy customer will provide you not only with repeat business, but referrals too.

Keeping in contact with your clients and retaining that all important personal touch has never been easier with ConveyanceLink.


  • Create letters and documents in seconds

    Important information such as names, addresses and property information is automatically filled in to save you valuable time. Land Registry forms are built in, and we import all of your existing precedents when we install ConveyanceLink so that you and your staff are instantly familiar with the system. After that, a nominated administrator in your firm will be trained so you can easily add and amend templates as you wish in future.
  • Use email for quick, efficient communications

    Email addresses for your contacts are hyperlinked throughout the system, so with a click of your mouse, you're ready to write that quick email. The Correspond screen meanwhile allows you to send documents as attachments in a single click, and import emails and their attachments into your cases by simply dragging them straight from your inbox.
  • Track every letter, form, email and SMS sent

    The History screen automatically stores every document, SMS and email produced through the system, and allows you to import files such as plans, searches and scanned letters, enabling you to keep a comprehensive electronic record of all the documentation and correspondence in your cases.


  • Create quotes, bills and statements in a flash

    ConveyanceLink's comprehensive billing module makes creating financial documents easy. We set up your Billing screens to your exact specifications and pre-populate them with common charges and disbursements to minimise data entry. You then make any changes as necessary in each case and create your billing documents in a click of a button.
  • Take the hassle out of calculations

    Let ConveyanceLink do the work. Apportionments can be calculated by simply supplying the dates and costs, while stamp duty and registration fees are calculated automatically based on the contract price of the property. All of these figures can then be automatically populated into your letters and documents.

Progress updates

  • Keep your clients updated by SMS and email

    Progress updates are sent by SMS and email automatically as key milestones are reached. To help you keep your clients updated with up to the minute information, ConveyanceLink allows you to send up to 5 free typed SMS messages directly from the Correspond screen. It's easy for you to retain that personal touch, as you decide what the SMS and emails say, and when they are sent.
  • Enhance your service with 24/7 online tracking

    To complement the SMS and email updates sent by the system, your clients and agents are also able to view the progress of transactions online any time, day or night. Agents get access to basic progress information, while your clients have access to personalised secure login areas, where they are able to view the progress of all of their ongoing transactions in one place. This valuable service enables you to spend less time taking calls, and more time focusing on the tasks at hand.